Friday, July 4, 2014

2014 is the year of renovation at Laurel Brook and it had a huge impact on my little gardens.  The beginning phase of the renovation was the removal of 10 trees, plus 6 huge American Holly shrubs that were too close to the house.  It broke my heart to remove them as they were so beautiful and provided shelter for the many birds that pass through the area, but they were destroying the house (so were the birds, the squirrels, the chipmunks).  I also lost my beautiful shade garden which quickly became the main path for the crew..........oh Mr. Bill.    At one point I just couldn't look anymore and told myself I would worry about it all once they the crew finished the renovation.

But “Hardships make or break people.” and there is hope!  My goal is to make the gardens bigger and better than they were before.  With the removal of the trees we will be able to annex more gardening space and we now have sun, several hours!  I will have lots of a new photos to show our progress, but currently we're digging up roots, rocks, vines and weeds, digging holes, transplanting and fostering trampled plants and planning. For fun we've created a "test" garden with various sun loving perennials AND a tomato plant!  Fingers crossed that we'll be able to have a spectacular new garden to work in and to feed us during the summer months!

Stay tuned................

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