Sunday, April 14, 2013

Birds at Laurel Brook

It's been an uneventful winter season with not much to do in regards to gardening.  I've made a few plans for the much anticipated spring season, but it's all in my head at this point.   During my winter sabbatical I have bought squirrel proof feeders and began the hobby of bird watching and documenting the permanent residents vs. the seasonal visitors.  So far the birds shown below have been permanent since January 2013 with no signs of moving on, Canadian Geese excepted.  The Canadian Geese have been making the neighborhood lake their winter home for several years. 
The Pileated woodpeckers have been permanent residents for about 6 years and even though they are fun to watch, they have destroyed the cedar trim on the house.  Why?  Because every spring the carpenter bees drill holes into the wood and lay their eggs, which apparently the woodpecker LOVES.  So the Pileated woodpecker will use their powerful beak to dig out the larvae that is in the wood........very annoying and expensive.
I have quite a few sparrows and wrens, but I'm not able to identify them quite yet.  I've been studying their behavior and their markings and will hopefully be able to provide their identities soon.
The photos were not taken by me and are borrowed from various websites.

Black and White Warbler

Brown Thrasher

American Robin

Blue Jay
Canadian Goose
American Crow
Red Tail Hawk
American Cardinal - Male

American Cardinal - Female
Cedar Waxwing

American Purple Finch
Carolina Chickadee

Tifted Titmouse

Eastern Bluebird
Downey Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker - Carpenter Bee

Red Breasted Nuthatch
White Breasted Nuthatch
Mourning Dove

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